Temporally Consistent Human Image Animation using Diffusion Model

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TL;DR: We propose MagicAnimate, a diffusion-based human image animation framework that aims at enhancing temporal consistency, preserving reference image faithfully, and improving animation fidelity.

Video Results

Animating Human Image

MagicAnimate aims at animating the reference image adhering to the motion sequences with temporal consistency.

Reference Motion Animation Reference Motion Animation

Qualitative Comparisons

Video resutls for comparisons between MagicAnimate and baselines.

Reference TPS MRAA IPA+CtrlN IPA+CtrlN-V DreamPose DisCo Ours

Cross-ID Animation

Comprisons between MagicAnimate and SOTA baselines for cross-ID animation, i.e., aniamting reference images using motion sequences from different videos. We show video results for three identities and two motion sequences.

Motion Sequence 1 Motion Sequence 2
Reference MRAA* DisCo Ours MRAA* DisCo Ours


Unseen Domain Animation

Animating unseen domain images such as oil painting and movie character to perform running or doing Yoga.

Reference Motion Animation Reference Motion Animation

Combining MagicAnimate with T2I Diffusion Model

Animating reference images generated by DALLE3 to perform various actions. Text prompt for each reference image is shown below each row of the video.

Reference Motion Animation Reference Motion Animation
"A woman doing yoga in the universe, surrounded by supernova."

"a man standing on top of a mountain, surrounded by ancient remains."

"A woman researcher in the space station."

Multi-person Animation

Animating multi-person following the given motion.

Reference Motion Animation


Given a reference image and the target DensePose motion sequence, MagicAnimate employs a video diffusion model and an appearance encoder for temporal modeling and identity preserving, respectively (left panel). To support long video animation, we devise a simple video fusion strategy that produces smooth video transition during inference (right panel).


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